Tank Storage facilitation and service


SDK Shipping offers a wide variety of services to our customers within Tank Storage comprising two main areas of expertise:

Tank Storage Management

We are the most experienced ship agency within this field and have for many years represented tank storage customers in several ports in Denmark now expanded to Sweden, taking care of all their customs and accounting processes and formalities.

Our services comprise

Customs management
Tank Operation

License Applications

Authority interaction


Our objective is to be diligent and accurate in our work and we have dedicated colleagues in close and constant dialogue with Danish Customs Authorities ensuring strict compliance to customs procedures and new regulations when acting on behalf of our customers.


Tank Storage Development


We take pride in pro-actively presenting and facilitating new opportunities to our customers in the tank storage market, thus we are always on a constant look out for new storage facilities.

Our consultancy comprise



Commercial management
Berth Management

We are the most experienced in our area and have close relations to the tank storage industry which has resulted in a track record of engagements with storage owners regarding sale of facilities.

If you are looking for a proactive service partner, facilitator and consultant within tank storage SDK Shipping should be your chosen partner.

Tank Storage facilitation and service is offered in all geographies covered by SDK Shipping.





E-mail :  customs@sdkshipping.com