The Port of Karlshamn


The port of Karlshamn is the dominating industrial and commercial port in south eastern Sweden.

The Port is a full service port and mainly handles oil products, storage and distribution of dry, liquid and refrigerated cargoes spread on 6 Harbour areas.

Port of Karlshamn is owned and operated by the community of Karlshamn

The port is accessible all year round and 24 hrs per day, ice free, no tide and well protected by breakwaters. Water depth up to 14 meters alongside at normal waters.

In principle all vessels with a draught allowing entrance into the Baltic Sea, can enter Karlshamn. Panamax size dry cargo vessels and tankers up to about 100,000 DWT. The inlet is wide and deep and there are good possibilities for anchorage.


SDK Shipping acquired Simon Edström Shipping in 2010. Now a fully integrated subsidiary of SDK Shipping, the Karlshamn-based port agency brings a vast amount of experience to the company. SDK Shipping in Karlshamn offers a full range of shipping services in the port for all types of vessels calling the port.

Smooth, professional service and efficient turnaround have always been the hallmark of Simon Edström Shipping and will continue to be so in the future. We offer proactive and dedicated 24-hour service and always aim to be as cost effective as possible to the benefit of our customers.

Our services comprise a.o.:

•  Port clearance
•  Crew change
•  Customs clearance
•  Customs brokerage
•  Stores and provisions
•  Bunkering
•  Launch services
•  Deslopping
•  Repair

From Karlshamn we are serving other ports as well - the main ports are:

•  Karlskrona
•  Ronneby

If you are looking for a reliable service provider with experienced staff having close insight and knowledge in the local operation and network, SDK Shipping should be your preferred partner in Karlshamn and vicinity. 




SDK Shipping AB
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